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There is no End Game in Afghanistan, yet.

9/11 Aftermath in Afghanistan Aljazeera English

Peace process in Afghanistan debate: 

Interview on PBS newshour:

Is Afghanistan the worst place for Women?

Advocacy in European Parliament:

Who should define Afghanistan's national security?

Progress of Women is Progress of Afghanistan: 

Afghanistan Politics should be Local:

Afghan Women and Peace Deals:        

Afghanistan's Re-integration and Reconciliation Plan

Outcomes of Peace Jirga:

Peace Jirga:

Comment on Guardian: UK Leaders Failed to Deliver on Afghanistan:

View: We do not learn from History ( on Afghanistan's re-integration process) - Daily Times :

Code Pink's misfire on Afghan Women: Calgary Herald :

Afghan Women Beyond Media Stereotypes? Middle East Institute:

Washington Post: An Afghan Pull Out would be a Rights-disaster:

Comment on Guardian: Afghans Cant Trust Anyone :

A Woman's Day in a Man's Year :

Women and Development in Afghanistan :

Politics of Religion:

Various articles on Afghanistan on Persian mirror Online magazine

Outreach to Afghan Women Guide :


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