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It all starts with feeling for Afghanistan

I asked a colleague to fix a broken window, without a second thought he grabbed a very delicate meeting chair to climb on, I stopped him before be broke that chair.

This reminded me of the public buses which has damaged passenger seats because people who sit in these seats start pulling out the cover of the seat. This also reminded me of the plenty of garbage that are lying out of every residential home or office in Kabul and no one bothers to pick them up apart from the old, weak and unpaid labor workers of the Municipality. My colleague action also reminded me of the young boys who were getting out of Kardan University last night and throwing the peels of banana and wraps of chocolate biscuits at the door of their own University. This also reminded me of the meeting I had last week in one of the ministries that had flowing toilets inside the ministry building, and the list goes on.

A glance into our media programs on daily basis is all about politics, politicial deals, political talk…