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An Afghan Reflection on OBL Saga

As an Afghan who grew up and lived a whole life in armed conflict and violence inflicted on my country and people, the OBL saga is just another indication on how external forces and powers have played with our lives. This is also because Afghanistan always lacked a strong goverment with a clear definition and defence policy, but the infiltration of terror from outside also became a reason that Afghanistan never reaches to a state level. US administration used OBL in the Cold War era against Soviets, provided militants and Pakistani intelligence and military unlimited weaponry and support to revolt against the Soviet-backed Kabul regime and the consequences of availability of weaponry and hatred amongst different war factions, resulted in civil war in Kabul and the creation of Taleban and their further manipulation for the Pakistani interests by the ISI and Pakistani military. Therefore, I neither feel good nor bad about the death of OBL as an Afghan. However, as an activist I do suppor…