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The Word on Women - Does the threat to the women of Afghanistan only come from the Taliban’s insurgency? Not, exactly.

For the past two years, the Afghan government has been making repeated statements that no reconciliation or negotiations aimed at bringing peace through talks with the Taliban will impact women’s rights and other civil rights guaranteed in the Afghan Constitution. But, does the threat to the women of Afghanistan only come from the Taliban’s insurgency? Not, exactly.
The failure of governance—with the accompanying impunity perpetuated through a corrupt and incompetent system--is the first predator of women’s rights in Afghanistan, especially in the rural villages. Moreover, interventions aimed at bringing security and defense, like arming militias, result in the oppression of Afghans ,particularly women, in different parts of the country.
While the national and international attention on Afghanistan is shrouded in stories of the withdrawal and transition of international forces, many realities on the ground go unnoticed. For many of us in Afghanistan, it is now routine to hear about inci…

Who is America talking to on Afghanistan?

Sunday, 03 April 2011 12:49
The talks on the abilities of transition and transfer of security responsibilities on Afghan forces is a long time dream for every sensible Afghan who want their government and its institutions to realise and take on their own responsibilities.
But with the purpose of protection and safety of its citizens, not for the sake of a political cover up for deals with the insurgents, or for a superficial sovereignty that does not exist in Afghanistan anymore."There are problems in military back-up and air defence. We have no reconnaissance at all. Our classes on anti-aircraft missiles haven't been started. We have a bunch of other problems in ground forces in terms of heavy weaponry, back-up fire and so on," said Defence Ministry Spokesperson General Zaher Azimi a day before the transition announcement.

On the eve of Afghanistan's new year, President Karzai announced the areas which can now be secured by the national forces. While the other provin…