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The Myths of Peace Building in Afghanistan

So how are you going to achieve peace through this Council? ... " Well, one has to understand that Afghans are tired of the ongoing war for the past 30 years and want to come to terms with the armed opposition of their government and therefore, this Council is established to achieve that agreement between government and its oppositions We will seek support from the King of Saudi Arabia and the Organization of Islamic Conference to mediate between different actors and facilitate dialogue between us all..." excerpts from a conversation with a high ranking member of the newly established High Peace Council last week.
In these cliché assumptions, so much is taken for granted about Afghans and Afghanistan. Even though, one might argue that Afghans are tired of fighting and want this war to end, a growing internal insurgency is spreading throughout the country, involving more Afghan insurgents everyday. Moreover, people who are blowing themselves up, burning schools, throwing acids …