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Back in Kabul
Tuesday, 17 August 2010

After a year of study, I am back in Kabul. Although, I never felt I was away from Afghanistan and its issues and was following up every news very closely, distance impacts relationships
It is originally cliché to claim that the current circumstances are critical in Afghanistan because our past 10 years have been consistently critical and troubled. Every year that passes in Afghanistan, there is a feeling that things don't change for the better but get worse, while the reality might be a bit different.

Things have changed in Afghanistan. Only for some. Some of the people who were not even able to discuss matters critically in a simple meeting, are now parliamentary elections candidates. However, some very qualified individuals too are running for the elections which brings hopes of change. The muddy and dusty city has turned blacker and grayer as the newest models of vehicles gashing the already wrecked roads, amaze everyone coming new to Kabul.