Friday, April 2, 2010

Will you go with me.....

Today a very courageous Afghan girl dared to talk about the increased prostitution among the women of Afghanistan...while discussing the article, many boys raised their concerns on the validity of the article and that such claims can not hold grounds and etc. While reading their denial of the issue...I remembered a recent experience I had and shared with them.

I was head of an organization that was working with Family Court, and whenever I went to the Family Court, used to go in the office car which had a special permission and took me to the door steps of the Judge's office. The Family Court is located inside the building of the Provincial Office, a big Police department, the National Identification department, many Courts and a temporary detaining facility for prisoners as well. So its a crowded place with various kinds of people. Someone there to visit a jailed son, someone to get the passport, someone brought his daughters to get identification for school , some women are there to file their cases in the Family Court, and countless number of soldiers and Police officers.

Whenever I went to this building, noticed women and girls so worried, trying to cover their faces, trying to correct their clothes and seemed very scared. A bet further scene would be soldiers passing comments on women like '' hey ...will you go with me...oh I love your butt....look at her breasts...'' and things like this....going alittle towards the Family Court, you could see soldiers and police officers standing there, staring at women and girls and touching them wherever possible, while crossing by the crowd of women.

Impressed of watching these scenes from the car, one day I decided to go without the car so walked to the building and as I entered , I started getting comments on various parts of my body. I kept quiet and kept walking ahead. As I reached near the Family Court, I stood there. It was an afternoon around 2 pm and a quiet and sunny day. In a matter of seconds a very young soldier came and stood next to me, very closely. He didnt even look at me but quietly said " If you go with me...I can help with your it in the Family Court...maybe you want divorce from your husband..." I said "Yes....lets sit in that corner and talk about it"...he said " Oh, you seem very experienced.." I said " very much" and we sat on a bench in the corner and I asked him " How old are you?" He said..."17" and I said I am 30....he suddenly said "no problem". I said " you know why i stood there....because I thought that not you as a man, but your uniform as a police officer is trust worthy and will protect imagine ....I am your elder sister and would you still behave in this way?"....He shouted on me and said " Shame on sister will never come to the Family Court like this....the reason you women come here is because you want to.....". I said " Ok ...if not now ...but imagine if you die in suicide attack and your father is a drug addict, or a jobless man ...then your mother and sister will not only come here but will have to go many other places in order to survive"...amidst of this discussion...the head of the Police department that knew me came rushing and said " oh madam...why are you sitting here...and behaved so much with respect and while talking to him...the young boy disappeared.... After that day whenever I went to Family Court, I used to get off the car and say hello to this young soldier whose duty was at the gate of the building. His name was Jawad....and he was such a respecting boy. While I was coming to UK....I said good bye to him and he said " I learned a lesson of life from you...and our prophet says if you learn one word from someone the person is your guardian ...since I met you...I decided that till I am alive, I will be the guard of Afghan women wherever possible...even at the cost of my life".


  1. Great article. Good luck Wazhma Jan

  2. Truly brave and cosnidered response. This is what will make men reflect on their behaviour and possibly change. Not sricter sentences and punishment. Like women, men's consiusness has to be raised too.