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The rest is history- lets celebrate the victory!!!

This morning I woke up to the national anthem being played on the national televison. As I listened to the national television of Afghanistan, saw special marches of soldiers and army officers and remembered that ' oh, today is 8th of Sawr', the day when Mujahidin, the freedom fighters entered Afghanistan after the last communist president gave up. I noticed that the preparations would have definitely cost us some millions of Afghanis to enable this glorious celebration.

I tried to be objective and asked what did national victory meant for the fighters against the communist government? But wait a minute, against the communist government? Did that government ascended from another planet and not the Afghans themselves? And what do you mean against the goverment? Hundreds of women , men and children lost their lives not only during the marathon for power in early 90s civil war, but even before that. We never asked where did those bombs and rockets go when they were fired into Kabul? Were those rockets that honest and loyal that it only hit a communist? Even if we agree that communists were not cynical terms.

But as they past is past, look at the present and make your future. But our future gets murkier and darker day by day. Who needs a democracy when the easiest way to reach to power is to stand in the elections? Who needs equal education when in one day 80 of our girls get poisoned and bid farewell to their schools? When most of the country is burning in the fire of war, we are running for parliamantary elections to bring in some more of the legacy of war crimes- the ones who might have missed the first elections or didnt dare to show their faces to the nation. But someone said, the collective memory of nations are very short so they wont remember how many rockets were fired, how many kids were killed, how many women were raped?

To gain victory you have sacrifice and we sacrificed the lives of at least 100,000 Afghans. What matters is that our jihad succeeded to topple down the communist regime. The rest is history. So lets celebrate the victory!!!!


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