Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another 7 yrs old child raped in the mosque!!!

Yesterday i heard neighbors replying to a man that was searching for the mosque...while our neighbor asked him where he came from , the man replied from the back street and our neighbor told him , they do have a mosque in that street already so why he is looking for another. The man replied that the mosque was closed because the mullah had raped a child inside the mosque and run away. This incident took place a week ago in the 40-meter road towards the Kabul airport. When i tried to ask them more about it, i was told that as a woman i should be ashamed to ask anyone about such incident...however this didnt stop me. When i investigated more into this issue, found out that the family kept quiet or rather fled to another area so that no one knows about this issue otherwise their " honor" will be ruined. Ofcourse, the child herself isnt the matter of worry to take care of or seeking any justice for her, because she is a girl and then if everyone knows about her, who would marry her when she grows up.
What is more strange is the silence of the community members against the issue; silence from the council of ulema and association of Kabul mullahs on the issue; or they might not be aware of the issue. I remember when the indian drama serials were broadcasted on the television channels, we heard huge demonstrations of the ulema council and religious community against the indian drama serials; even the parliamant discussed the issues for weeks. But why dont we hear them protesting the growing child rapes in the country?
The other questioning issue is the silence of the neighborhood members and the elders; we used to believe that in Afghanistan our children are safe under the protection of elders and its so true to alot of extent but why is it that we dont see them resisting and standing against this cruelity to their children.
This is at least the second time i hear of a child rape inside a mosque which is very hard for alot of people to believe. In Afghanistan, mostly small children around age of 4 year and higher are sent to mosques mostly early in the morning or in the evening so that they learn holy Quran and most often girls are preferred to go to mosques rather than schools.
The dilemma lies in the complexity of this situation; we can not say that such incidents happen in all mosques; so how to create awareness among families and the society about the issue? In most of the muslim societies, mosques are taken as the most holy and safe places ( which is true in its own essence) and fathers and gate keepers of women and children prefer mosques for girls much more than the formal spaces for education of even learning holy Quran.