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Should i just give up?.....continued....

Very True...."things will get worse before they get better"....similar is a human being's nature. For the past many months i have been thinking of "giving up" because i thought my struggles are not paying off. But as i reach to the peak of frustration, i see the tiny hands of "change" that i guess i have contributed towards, waving towards me that they need to be strenghtened.I dont have to tell here that life in Afghanistan is complicated or tough....but its as complicated and tough as we can make it. My dad always says that those who dont make their own principles have to obey other's principles. So if i have started the struggles for bringing hope to people's lives, then i need to continue and have more supporters that should take this struggle to a farther level.
With all the frustrations on the surrounding, i still see rays of hope for Afghanistan no matter how small. For an example, i had initiated a project of 5 young lawyers that in three months assisted 50 women get freedom from jail for the crime that isnt even in the law. Like escape from a violent home. Escape from home isnt a crime, but women who escape, often end up in jail for years because they are accused of adultery as well, while attorneys mostly dont find the man who is supposedly the partner in crime, and the women is put in jail for years. There are instances where she is raped and becomes mother of many kids inside the jail but who cares about them. My project of young lawyers helped them to get freedom and i assisted many of them getting settled in some orphanage with their kids, although it isnt a pleasant outcome. There are similar efforts that at least brings me the hope that things can change in Afghanistan for the better as well if we work hard for this country......


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Feature : Different faces of prostitution in Afghanistan

Prostitution is not an easily accepted reality in our society. Most of the time, we are in denial that in Muslim societies women do not sell their bodies for money, even if they do, no one will buy. It is actually the opposite, even if a woman does not want, the societal miseries make her do anything for survival and livelihood of the family. While Prostitution in many other parts of the world could be understand as a woman's sexual desire and of her immoral character; the truth behind it is hardly explored.
In my work on women's issues in Afghanistan, I came across many women who have at least once sold their bodies to earn a living either forced by a family member or in secret. However, I chose to write about these three women I met three years ago in an old city of Kabul. These three different women have at least one thing in common, that even in a closed traditional and religious society, they were made to be prostitutes, either in public or in secret.
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Our voices are not stoned to death!!!

On Friday, 06 July 2012, Ms Fawzia Koofi, one of the prominent female MPs called and with a disturbingly quiet tone asked whether I knew about the Parwan incident. I said Yes, saw a tweet from one of the BBC journalists but dont know if its true or not. She said its true and she saw the video. After we both mourned the incident, she said if women dont stand all these violence, we will all face this fate, one by one. We hanged on the phone and I started digging deeper to find out what happened. 
Though, we still dont know the exact account of the heinous act of violence and oppression that we all witnessed in that video- we are all so shocked & furious over the fact that najiba  was brutally murdered. No matter who did it, that does not make any difference. The information that we have been able to obtain to date is that Najiba, 21 year old who was either kidnapped or forced to come to the house of one of the armed commanders (apparently a taleb as the Parwan governor emphasizes) …

Will Afghan realities matter to Chicago?

On the night of 23rd Sawr 1391 (May 2012) Najiba and her three sons (5, 7, 13 yrs) were brutally shot dead by their uncle and Najiba’s brother in law in Chardara district of Kunduz province. After killing Najiba and her sons, the brother in law who is named Zanabuddin has run away and there is no news on him. According to the police chief, the main motive of the killing was that Najiba had rejected marrying her brother in law after her husband died. Najiba’s brothers and cousins are now planning revenge.
What is new about this story apart from being sorry for Najiba and her sons? What do we hear from the police in such circumstances that ‘investigations are under way’? I am sure the murderer has already fled Kunduz and is in one of our neighboring countries, perhaps.
Yet another case of killing and murder that adds to the piles of cases and incidents that either have been filed by the police stations lined up under the dust or the cases that await their fate in the judiciary that take…