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Another 7 yrs old child raped in the mosque!!!

Yesterday i heard neighbors replying to a man that was searching for the mosque...while our neighbor asked him where he came from , the man replied from the back street and our neighbor told him , they do have a mosque in that street already so why he is looking for another. The man replied that the mosque was closed because the mullah had raped a child inside the mosque and run away. This incident took place a week ago in the 40-meter road towards the Kabul airport. When i tried to ask them more about it, i was told that as a woman i should be ashamed to ask anyone about such incident...however this didnt stop me. When i investigated more into this issue, found out that the family kept quiet or rather fled to another area so that no one knows about this issue otherwise their " honor" will be ruined. Ofcourse, the child herself isnt the matter of worry to take care of or seeking any justice for her, because she is a girl and then if everyone knows about her, who would marry …