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Witnessing the History!!!

Today 05 November 2008, a new day has risen for the whole world. United States of America ELECTS its first ever Black president, Barack Obama!!!
I am not excited because United States of America matters to me alot , however it does since we all live in the same global village and our deeds affect each other, if its technology or global warming BUT i am thrilled because i witnessed a STRUGGLE for EQUALITY that proved" Anything is possible if you believe and work hard" i still remember hearing the first speech of the President in one of the primary caucases especially when he lost, and alot of people had no faith in him, not because he couldnt convince them but because he wasnt " someone from among themselves". Its extraordinary to see him achieving his goal in 21 months of struggle even though he didnt have any political fame three years ago in the United States of America.
There is a lesson for each of us in every corner of the world...believe in change and it will happen because the believe will drive your motives towards change in the current chaotic circumstances of the world.


  1. salam,
    I can't tell you how excited I feel for Obama's victory, exactly for the reason you mention: the struggle for equality proved to be supported by people once more. Change happened and that is great no matter which part of the world we live in..


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