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Increased Child rapes in Afghanistan

In the past 6 or so months the media outlets in the country are constantly reporting about the various cases of child rapes in different parts of Afghanistan. More than anything else, the current debate among the elites of civil society is whether these cases have increased recently or whether the media is able to report and reflect them much more than ever. However, i dont think that is the main question to address the current dillemma in the country, because the dilemma is so serious on the innocent souls that needs immediate actions now or never. No matter if it existed in Afghan life and Afghan society or not, the reality is that at least one case of child rape in reported in media in a day.
For alot of " social rights activists" its another important issue and thankfully they are able to raise their voices on the issue no matter how conservative and closed this society is. With plenty of fear, some of the cases are brought forward in the media and the activists and other important players do condemn it. However, its another reality that nothing else has been done apart from condemning.
As many argue that we need to address the issue strategically rather than immediate actions so that we dont create more harm particularly to children than the current crisis. I partly agree having seen the rapid approaches of international development that has almost failed in afghanistan. But on the other hand, we also need to see how can a strategic move that might happen in two or more years help a child who is raped in this month by 9 men and doesnt know where to go and what to do. She might be killed by her parents or other family members in the near future or sooner. What we have seen so far in this country is that rather than the perpetrator, its the victim who has to be prosecuted and questioned and tortured because the victime is weak and the perpetrator is strong enough to defend himself in any court.
One of the main questions is that how and why such issues as child rapes and child sexual abuse is happening in a country like Afghanistan where its almost 99.9 % muslims and Islam strongly dissaproves any kind of violence or torture of another human being and is particularly in favor or kindness for children. Another question is that how can such issues as child rapes and child sexual abuse happen in a country like Afghanistan where almost 85 % of the population are rural and tribally based and in which elders have the utlimate say in everything regarding everyon's life. Why is it that in presence of elders , our children arent safe?


  1. hi there,
    yes, absolutely it's very unpleasant to hear such news from afghanistan where human rights calimants ARE!
    but it's not so confusing u know y?
    cuz although the people are muslim, most of them know nothing or very little about the islam & the majority of people are illiterate. there's another reason for that too: most people are unemployed.

  2. & i'm elly sorry to say that as u said child rapes had existed there for so long specially the war lords & the taliban used to do that
    u know there are a lot of things to say & discuss in this case


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