Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Culture of Violence by wazhma frogh

“Wow, another punch, hey beat him, wow what a murder!!!!”

These are exactly the words heard near by from youngsters when they are watching action movies which stimulate their emotional capacity and they get out of their ways. I am not writing to condemn the makers of the action movies around the world, but here I would like to point out some important facts about the action movies, the negative aspects and influences of the action movies on youngsters or teenagers.

By watching such kinds of movies, then practicing on each other, grows the culture of violence at the individual basis which forms the societies. Particularly on communities where literacy rates are so low and the youngsters haven’t got the ability to analyze things logically, these action movies play a vital role in deteriorating the thoughts and ideas of youngsters and teenagers, maybe these movies have got lesser effect on modern and high educated communities around the world, but experiences from under developing countries have been vice versa.

The age from 9-16 years is a really dynamic, influenced and sensitive age duration, teenagers and youth of this age can go on different directions which attracts their interest and the action movies with lots of glamour and fantasy capture their attention entirely and promotes the culture of violence which later on spreads around the society and grows as the time swifts on. This fact has been very obvious in countries going through national or international conflicts.

Youngsters and teenagers grow up with the concept of beating and killing and defending with very violent means, which possibly becomes the terrorists, a terrorist is not born a terrorist, there are many contributing factors in his young age which influences his emotions and provoke him towards the violence and the concept of the snatching the rights.In teenage many features influence a young, especially the emotional enforcement by the action movies, which leads the youngsters choose a violent direction and go on conflict with civil societies.

I recommend the film makers take a new direction and change the success symbol as action movies, and try to promote the culture of peace and unity around the world, with no cultural, racism, economical and political discriminations. As we all are experiencing the majority of the countries being in national or international conflict, we should remember that action movies have got a very grass root role in contributing to all violence.

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