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Inside Islam, A Woman's roar

from the March 05, 2008 edition -
Wazhma Frogh, an Afghan, uses her religion to press for women's rights – and development
agencies take note.
By Jill Carroll Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor
Just hours after Wazhma Frogh arrived in an isolated, conservative district in northeastern Afghanistan in 2002,the local mullah was preaching to his congregation to kill her. Ms. Frogh was meddling with their women with her plan to start a literacy program, he told the assembly.
As she walked past the mosque during noon prayers, his words caught her ear. Shocked, she marched straight into the mosque. In a flowing black chador that left her face uncovered, she strode past the male worshipers
and faced the mullah. Trembling inside, she challenged him.
"Mullah, give me five minutes," she recalls saying. "I will tell you something, and after that if you want to say Iam an infidel and I am a threat to you…

The Culture of Violence by wazhma frogh

“Wow, another punch, hey beat him, wow what a murder!!!!”
These are exactly the words heard near by from youngsters when they are watching action movies which stimulate their emotional capacity and they get out of their ways. I am not writing to condemn the makers of the action movies around the world, but here I would like to point out some important facts about the action movies, the negative aspects and influences of the action movies on youngsters or teenagers.
By watching such kinds of movies, then practicing on each other, grows the culture of violence at the individual basis which forms the societies. Particularly on communities where literacy rates are so low and the youngsters haven’t got the ability to analyze things logically, these action movies play a vital role in deteriorating the thoughts and ideas of youngsters and teenagers, maybe these movies have got lesser effect on modern and high educated communities around the world, but experiences from under developing countr…


بسیار دلم تنگ است ....برای گریه کردن ..برای شنیدن صدای دلم که همیشه در قید زمان در چنگ است...بسیار سخت است که من در اجتماعی زنده گی دارم که باید برای گریه کردن نیز دلیلی در چوکات " فرهنگ و دین" داشته باشم...بسیار پر درد است..اما نشاید این را زنده گی نامید و اگر نه بزم پایه های زنده گی به قول حافظ و فروغ متزلزل خواهد شد... و دیگر هیچ شاعری برای امید های آینده اش لفظ " زنده گی " را نخواهد برد بسیار دلم تنگ است ز دست فریب و نیرنگ های زمانم ..چقدر خودخواه و حسود استیم... فکر میکنیم همه چیز در بازرگان در خرید و فروش است و میتوانیم همه چیز را بخریم یا بفروشیم اگر توان پولی اش را داریم ای کاش هنوز هم در همان گهواره چوبی ام خفته و گریه میتوانستم چون دیگر برای بهانه ای احتیاج نبود... چقدر زیبا ست نوای بیگانه گی دوران کوده کی ادامه دارد ........

Afghan Women missed another opportunity this year!

Its really frustrating to see that we women in Afghanistan havent learned that women's rights for equality and justice can not be attained by partying with elites and gifting each other for being a woman! 8 March 2008, likewise other previous years was celebrated amidsts of empty speeches and flying promises from the president and its all three branches, but when will the women of afghanistan will wake up and ask them for implementing those promises and commitments! Once again hundreds of dollars were spent in food and luxury of parties and gatherings at beautiful and expensive hotels under the name of 8th March celebrations but what are the outcomes? I think its very important for the women of afghanistan to be serious about themselves and make those accountable who make beautiful promises and commitments for uplifting their conditions. The women of Afghanistan need to be explicit in assessing what have they achieved, why have they achieved and what is their future plan? I dont me…