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Women striving for change in Afghanistan
By Beth Hearn , Leadership Council for Human Rights, Washington D.C
“In this century where man has reached Mars, Afghan women are still striving to establish ourselves as human beings,” said Wazhma Frogh, who has a lifelong history of social activism and is currently a gender and development specialist for the Canadian International Development Agency. She and four other female political and social activists painted a harrowing yet hopeful picture of the situation in Afghanistan at an event held by the Independent Women’s Forum on 24th January.
There is little doubt that women are facing severe difficulties in Afghanistan. Orzala Ashraf, founder and senior advisor of Humanitarian Assistance for the Women of Afghanistan, said that this is a country where women’s literacy rates are around fifteen percent, child mortality is at 157 out of every 1000 live births, and less than one percent of police are female.
There is also a significant degree of fea…