Monday, December 31, 2007


by Wazhma Frogh

I had a long research of the centers where addicted of drugs got treatment, spoke with addicted victims and studied many addiction cases of women, finally I came out with the conclusions that 55% of the women addicted cases are rooted in gender violence. This was the gender based violence which provoked women to go on the way of using drugs.
I had a visit to an orphanage centers where addicted women were getting treatment, during my visit I noticed a very young women getting treatment there and her being young captured my attention, there for I asked her some questions and she told me her story:
I was 14 years old when Taliban took over the power in Afghanistan. We were living in a rented house with my father, my mother, and my elder brother. One day Taliban sent a proposal for me, and my father denied. But later on when Taliban pressurized him that they will kill my brother, my father said that a girl should get married and she is a girl, for her I can’t devote the life of my son, so my father accepted that proposal and married me to a Talib who was an addict of heroin. Then my family also escaped to Pakistan and left me alone with the curses I had with my husband. There were some 4 other young women in my husband’s house but he never introduced them to me, I didn’t know why they were in this house.
One early morning I heard the voices of these women and when I went to their room, I saw that my husband was beating them with a iron built , after he beat them heavily , he left the room. Meanwhile I saw that these women are breathing something, which I have never seen, I asked them what is this “they said this is a medicine of all pains, when we breath it , we forget the whole world, you can also use it but you have to pay us some money then we will give you. Since I had a lot of pains and sorrows, I thought that lets see what this is, and that was the first day I got the habit of using drugs. I never knew it was hashish. As the time swift on, I got used to it easily and I always theft the money from my husband and paid those women to give me life, for me it was just like another happy life.
After sometimes I noticed that I am pregnant and when I told my husband about it, he said I hate girls and if it is a girl, I will kill you. The fear of being killed overcame my conscience and I went to the world of drugs very deeply. When my child was born, it was a girl and my husband came to my room, and said do u remember I told you that I will kill you if it is a girl, I couldn’t tolerate and started crying. He suddenly took the pillow and pressed on the mouth of my daughter and in seconds, she went out of this world. I resisted a lot but I couldn’t since I was so weak and he beat me so much. And this was the drugs which again cured my pain and sorrow, I always heard the voice and shouts of my innocent daughter, but when I used heroin, I was relieved of every trouble I had.
When Taliban were attacked three years before, our house was bombed and all the people inside died, but I was the only survivor. Since I didn’t have drugs, so I was so desperate and furious, I went to streets for begging, and one day I was unconscious of hunger and people carried me to the hospital, which after some days I was referred to this center for treatment. At the beginning I couldn’t tolerate not using drugs but as the time passed and I got treatment, I forgot the drugs now and now I understand that if I was not a drug addicted I could have rescue my daughter, but now I have started a new life and I know life is very precious. The only complain I have is from my parents, that they left me alone because I was a girl and in Afghan society a girl is worthless.
I have come across many addiction cases that women wrapped them up with drugs, since they were suffering from a sever gender based violence. We all know that drugs usage is prohibited in Islam, our religion and also the addicted person is hatred in that society too. There fore, if we want a society cleaned up of all the drugs, we should all work towards building a peaceful and advanced society to eliminate every kind of gender based violence.

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