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By Wazhma Frogh,
Life is like an ocean and every sorrow and every happiness is sunk in this ocean. But if life gets along with the loved one’s and you depart, these moments sink in this ocean but memories can never die.
Simran a 17 year- old girl, who is a college student of first year, lives away from every one. Every one used to gather with each other but Simran with her Urdu book is used to sit under the pine tree. Then she starts thinking about her father and his whine bottle that till when she will suffer his fathers beats for her fee.Whenever she asked her father for her fee, he used to hit her with his bottle on her head.Everyone called her bird nest because she sat in a place and was lost in her thoughts.She was beautiful enough but she never showed her beauty up, because she was never let to know she is beautiful, in fact, she was tighten up in Omar Hyatt ‘s (her father) anger and she couldn’t even think of getting out of it.Since her mother died she was entirely obsessed by a complex of being alone and poor.
Three years ago her mother died by Cancer. When she was 14 years old, she still remembers that her father used to come late at night anxious in whine then he beat her mother by any chance and Simran stared at those heart rendering moments and shed tears but without voice.Simran was thinking and coming towards the library and she heard a crying voice that took her away from all her thoughts. She wanted to know that why Farah is crying?Farah Sultan was daughter of Sultan Ahmad, a millionaire of the town but Farah said that the only thing that Sultan Ahmad is concerned about is money. Sympathetically Simran put her hand on Farah’s shoulder and asked that why are you crying?
Farah said: who are you and what are you asking for? Go and think about yourself.Simran stood hopelessly and tears made a chain of pearls in her eyes, she went two steps forward but Farah called her, Simran!Simran turned her face and glanced to Farah, she saw a friend’s face and a real friendship glanced of Farah’s face. Farah said; will you be my friend, my best friend? Would we share our sorrows and happiness?
Farah asked all these questions breathlessly, so the chain of pearls broke down and spilt on Simran’s face and she didn’t think further. Both crying cuddled each other.Farah said: my mother died in a car accident last year and today is her death-anniversary and I don’t know my father is busy in which business meeting somewhere. Since my mother died I understand that life is very ugly but shows up its ugliness in a very beautiful way. Simran said yeah but I haven’t seen its beauty yet. When I opened my eyes into this world I lost myself in fights of my parents and since my mother died, I am struggling towards a destination in a dark, lonely way of life.
Both talking about their troubles reached to the main gate of college Farah said; its right that our destinations are different but our ways are the same and we as best friends will prove to the world that life is really beautiful all and all.Farah asked how would you go home? Simran said by bus, but Farah insisted her to go in her car so Simran couldn’t resist. The car was crossing the glorious buildings of the town and getting near to the roads smelled of whine, poverty, fear, and hopelessness. Car stopped in front of a small house made of raw bricks in a tiny street. Farah understood how shameful Simran felt but Farah said nothing and closed the door of her car after Simran got down. Simran’s father saw her coming out of a glorious car and he was ready as usual to torture her.
When Simran opened the door she found Omar Hyatt as a mountain of sorrow in front of her. Omar Hyatt asked her toughly: who was she? Simran answered: my friend! and entered the house. This word (my friend) surprised Omar Hyatt that he couldn’t say anything more. Yes, it was not possible that Simran has got a friend.Day by day Simran and Farah’s friendship got depth and changed in to love why? Is it very strange? Love is not a matter that it should be with the opposite sex.You can love anyone anywhere. Love is a color that paints everyone in its own color. Maybe you also loved someone?As the time passed, Omar Hyatt felt sorry for his behavior because he understood that his daughter was like a sparkling candle that can lighten up the world with it’s brightness, she’s the girl that ambitious to build her dream house in this world.Farah and Simran did their MA together. But now Simran doesn’t need to suffer her father’s cruelty because she is working (part time) for a newspaper. She writes the stories that touch the heart of every human being.Farah joined Engineering and after 4 years she became an architect. She designs buildings for many outstanding companies.Farah’s love and friendship furnished Simran’s life. Simran got the year’s Nobel award for her hearth robbing tales. Farah was chosen as the best architect of the year.Sultan Ahmad had heard of Farah shah a lot and he wanted his new project site to be designed by her. After an appointment when he got to Farah’s office, he came to know that Farah shah was his daughter whom he taught was a mother’s kid. Farah was just like a hidden diamond and Simran’s friendship curved it lighter and brighterFarah had to go to America for an official work, she didn’t want to go but Simran insisted her to go.
She came after 10 years back to Pakistan. During this gap they had contact with each other but Farah didn’t call her for a month she wanted to give Simran surprise of her coming.When she arrived, first she went to Simran’s house .She knocked the door and after a while Omer Hyatt opened the door .As he saw Farah, he started to cry like he was burning in fire of regret. Farah thought maybe he is crying for his cruelties to Simran and he is feeling sorry, so she didn’t say anything .She asked about Simran and he said lets go to meet her .He made Farah to sit in the car and he started driving.After a long drive they reached to a graveyard and the car stopped. Farah was trembling of fear she didn’t know where she was.For a while she was just like a living death body standing in front of the graves.Farah found herself in front of a grave that had a green flag hanged on and written “Friendship never ends” Farah shouted once and lost herself in her own voice.Then she came to know that Simran whose one smile was worthy as her life, had cancer!!! An incurable disease!
Farah shah built a free cancer hospital by name of Simran.Now Farah is one of the most popular and successful architects, she says; “I have reached to the peak of victory and I feel the fragrance of Simran’s love and friendship in my success”Farah is living alone and she says she can spend her life in shadow of Simran’s memories.


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